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Attracting customers to your business

Attracting new customers

How to attract new customers to your business!

“We must learn what customers really want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want” -Eric Ries

When attracting new customers to your business it is made up of sales strategy of communication, clarity, consistency, commitment. It’s just not about marketing, phone calls, and networking, it’s about the 4C’s of successes in selling and if you understand the sales language and process you will attract the right customers to your business every time.

Communication is about active listening

To attract a new customer, it’s about communication and the number one rule is active listening because we need to understand what the customers challenge are. This then prepares us to know the process of solving the customers challenges. To know which steps, we need to direct the customer towards our solution, you really need to listen to understand, what it is that your product or services is going to solve the customers challenges in the market. This is when the second rule is clarity in your messaging.

Clarity in your value propositions 

Clarity in your messaging is about having the right value proposition which will attract your new customer because you are solving their problem. If you don’t understand your client and having the right value proposition this where a discussion with us can make a difference in your Business 2 Business.  

When you are presenting to your ideal client communicating your right value proposition it’s actually made up of three things:

What is the problem you are solving? (Product, services)

Where have you done this before? (Testimonials, referrals)

And if they change with you as a provider, what does it look like, what would be achieved, and what’s the results?

This will attract new customers to your business each time.

The 4 C’s of successes in selling 

  1. Communication: Having the right value proposition and always active listening is the key and the messaging should be the same in social media.
  2. Clarity: Setting the expectation to the customer of what you can deliver, it’s really understanding the challenges of the customer what you can solve.
  3. Consistency: It’s about following up with your customers. Making sure they understand what your product or services solves. This is where you would show case to your new customers your referrals and testimonials (this builds trust).
  4. Commitment: It’s about change management in what it looks like for them regarding your services, deliverables, and outcomes. This is when you have built trust and you can then ask for referrals, testimonials and build a case study. Which will attract new customers to your business.

If you are looking to attract new customers to your B2B business.

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