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 The sales industry is full of ‘silver bullet’ processes and programs, however few are individually tailored and the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach has never served sales people well, instead it just creates unhealthy competition and  disharmony inside the business. The thing is,most B2B  businesses don’t know how they are constantly reinventing the wheel, losing leads, failing to follow up and wasting time on tactics that don’t work. 

Many sales teams have 20% getting 80% of the sales and can’t figure out how to get the others performing the same way, leading to a constantly revolving door of new sales personnel, with just a couple of hero sales people who are a law unto themselves. 

And what’s worse, most sales training is so rigid and set in stone that it’s hard to implement for everyone, providing momentary motivation but not the sustained sales to business. Over time so many sales opportunities are missed, just because no-one can repeat what they have learned. 

That’s why Sales 2 Success was created, to deliver individually tailored sales training and system development that each sales person, business and industry can implement, with a focus on running a repeatable sales system anyone can duplicate, making the sales process easy to understand and maintain. 

Our Mission Sales 2 Success

Empower businesses and sales individuals to have sales confidence to be able to plan, present and understand the sales language and grow in their sales business year on year.

To inspired and be there through motivation of learning simple sales methodologies that are easy to understand.

We take pride in showing the how through accountability and mentoring for our clients with sales results. Taking you from overwhelming processes to sales development and a simple sales strategy.

This is our commitment to our clients on sales performance.

Our Value Sales 2 Success

What is important to us is business ethics, integrity, honesty and trust.

We will only engage with a business or individuals when we know we can make a difference for your sales business and provide the best outcomes for our clients.

We are focused on customer value with the experiences that we are able to deliver to our clients adapting were possible.

We are dedicated to consistently delivering new updates of sales learning. Developing more sales programs to help you grow even further in your business.

Sharon Davies

Founder/Managing Director, Business Sales Coach, Mentor, Outsourced chief sales officer.

Sharon is passionate about systemising sales processes so that businesses, organisations, teams and individuals are all capable of success.

Her unique ‘Steps of sales success’ Program teaches sales processes and outcomes that are simple to understand and implement, with maximum results for each individual.

The program begins with a discovery call to help define and deliver the right fit for the sales training, with a focus on maximising sales growth for the business.

Then her coaching helps create a unique sales system that the company can replicate and duplicate, removing the panic, stress and anxiety when it comes to selling and growing a business.

She then teaches methodologies and the four keys to sales successes, to help those selling, to stand out as experts and drive sales results over and over again.

The innovative program uncovers what many already know/do but haven’t systemised, giving them the confidence to sell, convert and run a sales system, creating sustainable, repeatable sales.

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